Security Habits

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 08:55 -- matthew
As times change and technology continues to develop, so must your security habits. You are the first line of defense when it comes to ensuring your data is safe and your information secure. There are many great tools out there to aid us in this process but understanding the risks and having some basic security habits in your daily routine will make your life a lot easier. In this newsletter we want to discuss some of the most important habits to incorporate into your routine in hopes of them allowing you to have a bit more peace of mind in this ever-changing landscape that is technology.

Need A New Computer?

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 15:38 -- matthew

Fall is upon us and as the weather begins to cool down and the leaves start to change colors, it is a good time to start thinking about your holiday technology needs. In this newsletter, we will discuss our "Holiday Home Service" plan and how we can help you prepare for the coming holiday season.

BKF Computer Services, Inc. is now a Carbonite Partner

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 15:33 -- matthew

I’m excited to announce that BKF Computer Services, Inc. is now a Carbonite Silver Partner. Carbonite is a leading provider of hybrid and cloud backup solutions.  Thousands of businesses across the country, and around the world, trust Carbonite to back up and protect their data.

Android Security Alert - Ransomware!

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 12:35 -- matthew

Android users this is an important security alert! If you are one of the billion people that uses an Android device you will want to read this. Security experts have announced two different types of malicious software known as "Ransomware" that are currently sweeping across Android devices.

Password Managers

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 20:41 -- matthew

Business and personal users have a growing need to stay organized and secure when it comes to passwords. As the tech world continues to expand at a rapid pace, so does your password library. The most secure way to store a password will always be in your brain where it cannot be compromised by a hacker, but that is not the most practical way.

3D Printing

Fri, 06/06/2014 - 12:43 -- matthew

Have you heard of 3D printing? It is an exciting new technology that is sweeping across the world. It started out as a niche industry but now many large scale companies are using 3D printing in their rapid prototyping process. In this newsletter we are going to explore some of the basics of 3D printing and where this technology may end up in the future!

Monitor Buying Guide

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 11:42 -- matthew

In this weeks newsletter, we will be discussing some of the many important factors when buying a new computer monitor. If you are in the market for a new computer monitor or want to learn more about the latest monitor technologies, this is the newsletter for you!

Security Alert! - WiFi Virus

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 10:55 -- matthew

If you use WiFi (Wireless) networks, whether at home or in public locations, you will want to read this newsletter carefully! There is some alarming news coming out of the United Kingdom about a new type of computer virus that works just like a real airborne contagion!

Windows XP - Expires April 8th, 2014!

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 12:25 -- matthew

If you have not heard, then you will want to read this newsletter closely! Microsoft is officially ending support for its' Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 software suite. The support will officially end spring of this year! In this newsletter, we are going to discuss why it is happening, how it will effect the different types of users and offer you some options on what your next steps should be!

2014 - The Year of Security

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 10:41 -- matthew

As we enter the new year, we have already seen widespread security breaches of major organizations. Experts in the security industry and the government are constantly fighting an evolving force of malicious software and activity on the internet. The keyword you are going to see more of in 2014 is "Ransomware". If you are unfamiliar with Ransomware we highly recommend you read our earlier newsletter here


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